Originally founded in Miami, Florida in 2008, Globotec Group was conceived with the vision to offer an integral and personalized service to clients along Latin America. The main focus have been on industrial projects.

Through a multidisciplinary team of talents with different backgrounds in the industrial field, we are able to offer not just equipment and components for industrial plants, but also Industrial Consulting (optimize process and quality control), Market development (Market research, Strategy and Business plan) and Engineering (Evaluation of troubles and tailor solutions).

To provide these services Globotec Group has a team of professionals able to analyze and propose appropriate solutions to each client; it also makes alliances with various European manufacturers in order to ensure the quality of their products.

Our years of experience and alliances with North American and European manufacturers ensures the quality of the products and services offered.

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We are able to visualize your problem as our challenge and develop a cutting edge solution through our multidisciplinary team which is constantly updating their knowledge, seeking the most efficient option tailored to your needs.

We can also work with your team in order to improve your productive process or model of business to ensure the quality of your products and achieve your goals.

How do you know that the decision you will makes is the right one? Reduce the risks and talk to us about your news projects, from changing an equipment to updating an entire production line.


In Globotec group we believe in adding value through our engineering team.

We place all our experience and abilities on your projects in order to reduce costs and provide the right orientation you were looking for.

Our team of engineers is formed by service-oriented professionals, capable of planning projects, drawing solutions in 2D and 3D, evaluating project feasibility and global costs analysis.

You're just one step away from increasing the performance of your company. Start by telling us how we can help (put contact link)


Every company is founded to meet the needs of its environment, but there comes a point where it detects that there are other areas within or outside its country that need its products and services, thereby leading to the expansion of its business.

This service is aimed at companies that manufacture industrial components or accessories wishing to venture into the Latin American market with its own brand.

We offer a trained professional to impulse sales with our business contacts. Globotec Group evaluates strategies and will assist in marketing, engineering, administration, logistics and customer service. You´ll get weekly reports and monthly progress in our rigorous audit.

There is a market waiting for your products, dare to expand with us